Pension Advisor is Class Act!

Great article in the January 2013 edition of The British Canadian, which shows another side to Mike ‘The Pension Advisor’.

Reminder about those show tickets. Go to galtlittletheatre.org to order tickets or call 519 623 4070 or UK 2 Canada Pension Transfers on 519 821 0257 for more details.

Full reprint of article and pics below. (Click on pics for a better view)

Pension Advisor is Class Act!

Mike Rochford the Founder and owner of UK 2 Canada Pension Transfers since 2006 is passionate about providing expert advice to Ex Brits on all manner of pension benefits that they left behind in the UK. His company is the premier provider of complete UK pension advice in Canada and he is a long time advertiser in The British Canadian.

He has another passion though. He is a well known actor in community theatre in the South West Ontario area. Specializing over the years in British comedies and farces. Theatregoers who have seen him on the stage will tell you he has been heavily influenced by Leonard Rossiter (Rising Damp and the Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin), Stephen Lewis (On the Buses) and Gordon Kaye ( ‘Allo ‘Allo) There are also some people who swear he could make a living as a stand in for John Cleeese although Mike’s wife Debbie indignantly refutes this.

There will be a chance to see Mike in a very different role in his next trip out on the boards in ‘Taking Leave’ January and February 2013. He plays a professor who’s speciality is Shakespeare but is slipping into Alzheimer’s. Mike plays the pre Alzheimer’s version of the professor whilst the post Alzheimer’s part is played by fellow Brit Stephen Welch. The accomplished cast is completed by four super ladies Carol Tremblay, Lori Distel, Joanne Priebe and Cath Judd.

There is a very strong social message running through the play coupled with superb comedic moments. There are currently 800,000 people with Dementia in the UK. Over 17,000 suffering from the early onset version featured in ‘Taking Leave’.

The play is directed by Jane McWilliams (Who’s mum and dad are originally from England) and runs at Galt Little Theatre, Cambridge, Ontario from January 31st to February 16th 2013.

Customer Testimonials

The service provided to both my wife and I was impeccable, fast, efficient and totally painless. We would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Colin & Helen Byers, Jarvie, AB

June 20th 2014

We were very pleased with the work that Mike and Dee of UK 2 Canada Pension Transfers did for us regarding my UK Pensions. We would recommend them without reservation to anybody.

Paul Chessman, Kensington, PE

June 20th 2014

After a lot of work the knowledgeable team at UK2Canada found out that I was entitled to a pension and that I could purchase several missing contribution years. This increased my pension significantly and gave me a return on  my investment in under a year! Your service is unique and I would recommend it to anyone who worked for even a few years in the UK.

Alan Farmer, Acton, ON

July 2nd 2014


We had been looking to transfer our UK pensions for some time. UK2Canada provided us with the confidence we required to get the process started, and helped us obtain additional National Insurance contributions in order to qualify for full British state pensions.  The whole process was quick and professional & I would highly recommend! 

Hayley & Steve Long, Guelph, 

ON, June 20th 2014


Pensions are being paid on time and UK2Canada made the tasks of buy back, etc. very easy. I could NEVER have negotiated the bureaucracy without your help.  Consequently, I have recommended your organisation to a number of other expats residing in Canada.

Margaret Evered, Toronto, ON

June 20th 2014


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I immigrated to Canada in 1996, with my wife and four children and we settled in Guelph, Ontario. Throughout my career in the UK I held various management positions at numerous banks, building societies and insurance companies.I also spent a significant time as a civil servant at the Inland Revenue. This experience puts me in an ideal position to advise on UK Pensions.

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